2011-2012 SD Legislature Complete 2nd Amendment Voting Record Report with Controversial NRA Grades

(Click Here) SD Legislature 2011-2012 Gun Bills Records

Isolated incident or are all the NRA grades suspect? Read this and review the above linked report and you decide:

In the last five months, South Dakotans were shocked to hear claims that House Speaker-Pro-Tem Rep Brian Gosch & Rep Gene Abdallah killed a 2012 constitutional carry bill (HB-1015) sponsored by South Dakota Gun Owners, purportedly at the request of the NRA lobbyist to the SD Legislature, allegedly in exchange for favorable NRA endorsements and support.  Rep Gosch is reported to have bragged that he did so in order that he could bring the very same bill, with NRA sponsorship, during the 2013 session, as the Speaker of the House.  Rep Gosch has not responded publicly to complaints forwarded to the attorney general about the matter.  Rep Abdallah was overwhelmingly defeated in the primary making his involvement moot.  Despite helping to kill a significant pro-gun bill, both received A+ endorsements in the primary and Rep Gosch received a $1,500  campaign contribution as well as an A+ NRA Endorsement for the general election.  A review of every legislator’s complete voting record on 2nd Amendment issues ’11-’12, and their NRA grades, shows many legislators with NRA grades and endorsements appear to be based on personal and political favoritism instead of the legislator’s actual votes on 2nd Amendment issues.

Contact Mr. Chuck Cunningham (703) 267-1228 at the NRA, if you share our concerns about their grading and endorsements.

2011-2012 Gun Bills Scores (Click Here)

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